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software management specialists

Oficina provides a comprehensive range of professional management and accounting systems for small, medium and large businesses. We provide you with the tools and information to make informed decisions for your business.

about us

Oficina Software and Consulting Services (Pty) Ltd is a South African based software development company that was formed in the early 80’s.



Purchase hardware, software and training courses via our online shop.

customer care

Our Customer Service Department goes beyond customers’ expectations, developing real relationships with customers and listening to their concerns and desires.



Our Training and Information Centre provides focused onsite and online training programs and services that are geared to client satisfaction.



For ease of use, we have detailed the links to various applications that work in conjunction with Oficina software.



Oficina is a Certiport Authorised Testing Centre. Instructors have completed certification programs and are qualified and authorised to administer exams and provide certification training to others.

our product range

Our product range includes support management and reporting on business operations. What do all our products have in common? They reflect our genuine interest in our customers’ needs and what they don’t have (yet).

Oficina Assemblage is an assembly of applications used to streamline the management of your workforce and resources. Assemblage centralises business tasks to make your business operations run better, simpler and faster.


Oficina Swift is a simple software solution designed to help manage your business operations, giving you that leading edge above the competition.


Oficina Lite is a fully integrated software system used for the daily management of workshop activities. Lite includes all functions that you need to operate your workshop. It is an affordable and user friendly software solution.


Oficina Grande is a fully integrated dealership, workshop and accounting management system that manages each facet of dealerships and workshops. Grande includes essential applications such as Warranty and Parts Ordering Online.


Oficina Sharp is a fully integrated software system used to manage your group of dealerships on a single platform.


Oficina Crayons is a comprehensive auditing tool to extract data from multiple companies. This can help in understanding a company’s performance as well as auditing its financial results. Crayons maintains compliance with all auditing standards and data is secure and accessible.


Oficina Swift-Medical is a simple software solution designed specifically to cater to the needs of the healthcare industry. Swf-MED provides integrated medical billing and management, which helps you to organise and manage your financial and administrative operations easily.

our training courses

Successfully completing our training courses can help give your career the leading edge. Learning a new skill will broaden the opportunities open to you, at the same time empowering you as an individual. Training is not just important to any company, it is imperative.

powerpoint 2013 core

This course has been designed to assist you in learning how to create Microsoft PowerPoint presentations from start to finish including the setting up of slides, graphs, charts, sound, embedded video, animation etc. – turning basic information into a dynamic, valuable slideshow.


business skills

Our Business Skills courses focus on developing effective communication, critical thinking, delegating and controlling your environment. Our Business Skills courses improve personal effectiveness in identifying what you should change about your habits, routine and attitudes thereby increasing overall team performance.


excel 2013 core

This course has been designed to assist you in simplifying and speeding up tasks you perform with Microsoft Excel. You will discover some practical ways to work with spreadsheets, sort data, insert tables and design macros etc. – all of which will save you loads of time.


management and leadership

Managing and leading a team is a challenging job for anyone. The added responsibilities and pressure of constantly having to achieve results through others can leave managers feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Our Management and Leadership courses will help you to master the managerial role within your organisation.


personal development

Our Personal Development courses will help you enhance your ability to communicate effectively, approach change and collaboration and behave towards others’ with empathy. You will gain the resources, confidence and motivation to keep developing.


sales and marketing

To achieve your organisation’s full potential you need to keep your skills and knowledge up-to-date with our exciting range of Sales and Marketing training courses. From detailed strategy planning, brand building, increased sales to customer relationships, increase your company’s ability to sell and market products.


word 2013 core

This course has been designed to assist you in both business and personal use. Our Microsoft Word training will develop or improve your Microsoft Word skills in document creation, editing and saving, formatting text and paragraphs, document templates etc.